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A guide for parents 

To find out more, please follow the link below. 

Ofsted Parents Guide



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E-safety Information 

For a wide range of information about keeping your child safe online visit the thinkuknow website. 

NSPCC have also teamed up with O2 to create a new, helpful app called Net Aware to help keep us up to date with new social media networks.


Contact the school

Julie Clayton- Head of School 

The Delamere C of E Academy
Stoney Lane
Tel: 01829 707 979

Out of hours emergency contact
Tel: 07795 246541


Phase 5a

This phase introduces new GPCs (grapheme phoneme correspondences) as outlined below.

Five of these are known as split vowel digraphs, a_e, e_e, i_e, o_e and u_e. Split vowel digraphs are two letters that make one sound, but are not directly next to each other. 

Phase 5b

During this phase children are introduced to the idea that some graphemes can be pronounced in more than one way.

For example: 'a' can make a short sound in hat, and a long sound in acorn.

This is helpful in reading. Encourage your child to sound out the obvious pronunciation of a grapheme and blend the word. If it does not sound right, suggest they try an alternative pronunciation.

The table below outlines the alternative pronunciations

Phase 5c

This part of phase 5 is designed to teach children that there are more than one spelling for some phonemes. This part of phonics takes time and can be confusing. Children are taught 'best bet' rules to help them have a good go at spelling in their independent writing. The children play lots of games, including word sorts to support them learning the rules. It is also important to know that some phonemes do not have a best bet rule. In these cases children are to become familiar with the most common words available.

Download this file (Phase5aExampleWordLists.pdf)Phase 5a Example Word List[ ]109 kB
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