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A guide for parents 

To find out more, please follow the link below. 

Ofsted Parents Guide



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E-safety Information 

For a wide range of information about keeping your child safe online visit the thinkuknow website. 

NSPCC have also teamed up with O2 to create a new, helpful app called Net Aware to help keep us up to date with new social media networks.


Contact the school

Julie Clayton- Head of School 

The Delamere C of E Academy
Stoney Lane
Tel: 01829 707 979

Out of hours emergency contact
Tel: 07795 246541


Within phase 2 letters and tricky words (words that cannot be blended) begin to be introduced.

Letters are introduced within a set and allow children to be able to read simple words quickly. As the letters are introduced to children they will practise reading and writing them, focusing on the correct letter formation.

The letters are introduced through a range of interactive games such as buried treasure hunting for words, finding hidden words in the outdoor area or using sand and paint to practise letter formations.

At Delamere, phonics lessons take place in the morning with children sitting as a whole group for the first section of the lesson and then splitting off into focused groups for the second half, they last approximately 20 minutes. Towards the end of the phase digraphs (two letters making one sound) begin to be introduced, for example the /ss/ sound or /ff/ sound.

Download this file (Phase2ExampleWordLists.pdf)Phase 2 Example Word List[ ]98 kB
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