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At The Delamere C of E Primary Academy we are proud to deliver a rich Christian creative learning experience that enables all the children to fulfil their potential. Our vision puts children first. When children enjoy all aspects of school and are enthusiastic, independent learners they gain the most from their education. We believe this climate for success is delivered through the creation of equal partnership between children, parents, school and the church.

Our School Vision...

At Delamere C of E Primary Academy, we all share the same vision and Christian Values aiming for all of our children to achieve the highest standards.

Vision Statement... 

Beyond outstanding, helping children to fly.

We aim to work towards this by involving all stakeholders in our school community, clear and pragmatic self evaluation and above all placing the needs of the children first.

Our aims and values are :

To create citizens who have a pride in their community. 

To learn through mutually shared respect, nurturing and caring for all learners.

To maximise individual potential through a sense of team work.


All of this is achieved through are shared Christian school values of Respect, Care , Peace and Love.


The curriculum at our school is broad and balanced fulfilling all National Curriculum requirements. We structure learning to allow for as many creative cross curricular opportunities as possible. Underpinning this children take part in curriculum related visits that focus and further develop their learning.

" Pupils achieve outstandingly well and many reach standards that are well above those expected for their age. Pupils say they enjoy school and this is reflected in their excellent attendance. They are confident and courteous. Their behaviour is exemplary and parents report that their children love school'" Ofsted

Learning takes place in single year classes with  twenty four children in each. Children are encouraged to work in partnership with the teacher. Rather than just teaching knowledge we also focus on skills, enabling children to build upon each learning experience and become highly skilled independent learners.

The curriculum is enriched through extensive use of ICT, which is integral in our approach to differentiation, and vital to furthering children's learning in a modern ICT driven world.

We value all parents as partners in their child's learning and each term we hold a curricular presentation evening to explain your role in supporting your child. Each class also publish a curriculum outline explaining what they are covering each term and also weekly homework tasks. Should you have any questions about what youir child is learning please contact their teacher. 

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