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Learning Outside the Classroom (LOtC) at Delamere Academy... 

At Delamere Academy we are committed to providing the best education possible for children, allowing children to fly and develop their personalities as well as their academic achievements. Substantial evidence indicates that time spent outside the classroom that is "properly conceived, adequately planned, well taught and effectively followed up, offers learners opportunities to develop their knowledge and skills in ways that add value to their everyday experiences in the classroom" , this demonstrates the need for all children to have access to time outside the classroom. 

Here is the link to a video of our school grounds: https://youtu.be/cG6uiUkaiZY 

Our vision/Mission statement... 

We as a school understand the importance of Learning Outside the Classroom (LOtC) and the opportunities it provides for all pupils. We are committed to ensuring these LOtC opportunities are progressive and frequent, enabling children to develop in a range of curriculum areas. Learning Outside the Classroom is embedded within school life and is valued by all staff, it is believed to be an essential element for providing a broad and balanced curriculum.

Examples of LOtC... 


From year two each class takes part in an over night residential and each class takes part in numerous trips and visits over the school year. These are fantastic examples of off-site LOtC opportunities, but teaching staff also plan a range of engaging and frequent LOtC opportunities in school that match the children's needs and allow for progression within subjects. 




LOtC at home... 

We're committed to involving parents in every aspect of school life, providing your child with LOtC opportunities at home is beneficial for their development at home and a special way of spending family time. The National Trust compiled a list of "50 Things to do before you're 11 and 3/4" to encourage families and children to spend quality time in the outdoors. Please see the PDF below for the list of activities for ideas and inspiration for LOtC at home. 


Delamere Forest is a fantastic local resources for outdoor actvities, follow the link below to their forest explorer website for up coming events and activities. 




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