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Blakemere have created a variety of animals using nature as part of our World Animal Day work!

This week we have moved onto addition and subtraction. The children have been learning mental strategies to solve problems involving 3 digit numbers. In the photo below you can see the children taking part in another active maths lesson. They had run and collect number calculations, if the addition statement was correct they would put it into the true section, if it was wrong they would put it into the false section. 

In literacy this week, the children have been researching into the vikings and the types of jewellery they would have worn. Many of the items found in the magical troll casket were items like this. The children really have been loving the Warrior Troll story. Blakemere have also been learning about types of nouns and how to use adjectives.

On Wednesday it was World Animal Day! In Blakemere class we have been learning about what this actually means and they have all made a pledge to help and support animals in the future. As part of this day, the children also had a great time making nature collages of animals that are a little closer to home (foxes, squirrels, hedgehogs and owls). The children worked so well in teams and were able to make great pieces of art! 

Have a lovely weekend. 

Mr Huddart, Mrs Law and Mrs Garner

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