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Blakemere class absolutely loved their laughter workshop on Wednesday afternoon, they were all in hysterics! 

The children had John Hipkiss in to school to really kick off their 'Children's Mental Health Awareness' week! John delivered a brilliant laughter workshop that had all of the children laughing. It was so great to see all of the children having a wonderful time. 

They have had a range of activities this week to recognise that it was 'Children's Mental Health Week', a nationally recognised event. Delamere were 1 of 1,000 of schools nationally who were recognising this event. They have been meditating, thinking about what makes them unique, making each other happy, stretching and even completed some calming mindfulness colouring. You can see everything we have been up to on our school Twitter account. 

On Tuesday this week it was International Internet Safety Day, an event taking place in over 1,700 schools and 140 countries world wide. On this day we looked at all forms of social media, keeping ourselves safe online, how to use safety features and the best way to use the school code of 'Zip it, Block it and Flag it'. 

It has been assessment week in school this week and the children have been working incredibly hard, I have been so impressed! They have been working so hard to complete and edit their draft report on gorillas; we have even been peer assessing our work! 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 

Mr Huddart      Mrs Garner      Mrs Law 

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