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Blakemere produced a wonderful assembly on 'Respect' in front of the whole school this week! They were brilliant! 

This week it was Blakemere's turn to lead a whole school assembly and the theme they were given was 'Respect'. All of our assemblies follow a CARE theme and the children were able to perform a short story with a moral to encompass this. The children wore masks and were able to act out the story of 'The Lion, Mosquito and The Mouse'. A story that teaches the children about how you can earn respect regardless of your size or situation. I was so proud of the children, how they were able to stand up in front of over 150 children and members of staff. They delivered their lines so well and represented Blakemere class so well. 

On Thursday the children were celebrating International Women's Day, looking at a range of inspirational women. We had the expertise of Mrs Campbell in class to share the amazing story of Mary Anning. She was an English fossil collector, dealer, and paleontologist who became known around the world for important finds she made in Jurassic marine fossil beds in the cliffs along the English Channel. 

In signing with Mr Jones this week the children were learning the words and actions for a number of Sport Relief songs. They had a brilliant time dancing along to the words! 

In Literacy this week we looked at the decisions characters make in stories and how they always have an option. The children gave their opinion on what they feel the character should do in the story 'The Promise'. 

In Maths this week the children were looking at counting up and down in tenths. We looked at how Smarties and Skittles could be used to work out fractions of amounts alongside this too. The children in Blakemere have grasped this area of maths really well. 

I hope you all have a good weekend. 

Mr Huddart      Mrs Garner    Mrs Law 

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