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Blakemere wrote prayers for Reverend Elaine.

It was sad to say goodbye to Reverend Elaine this week, to celebrate this special occassion, Blakemere each wrote a prayer for Reverend Elaine. It was difficult to decide who would share their wonderful prayers as they were all so good.

In maths, Blakemere completed their work on money. the children found change from a given amount and showed their working out usign a blank number line. They then recapped their understanding of money in a mini quiz.

This week in literacy the children made a story map to plan a new adventure for Pigsticks and Harold, the two explorers in our current class book "Pigsticks and Harold: the Ends of the Earth" The children will write their own adventure for the characters over the next two weeks. In grammar, we have begun to look at plural and singular possession, identifying where an apostrophe is placed in each one. 

Mrs Campbell taught the children during topic work this week. Using ordinate survey maps, the children looked at maps of Delamere now and in the past. They identified differences and learned lots of important facts about the history of Delamere.

I hope you've had a lovely weekend,

Miss Wood

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