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Blakemere have loved looking after the chickens this week!

This week we have been responsible for cleaning the coop, feeding the chickens and collecting the eggs. As we have been doing this the children used their art sketch books to make observational drawings of the chickens.

Sports day was an incredible success last Friday, with all the children trying their best in their races. A big well done to everyone - don't forget to look at the photographs on Twitter if you haven't already. 

On Wednesday we visited Pizza Express and each child made their own delicious pizza. Behaviour was excellent, with staff commenting on how well the children listened to and followed instructions.

In class we have been practicing our songs for the KS2 performance next week. In addition, the children have been writing up their final draft of their adventure stories, some even using pen! Earlier in the week in our CARE lesson, we identified what makes us special and unique, before learning why it is important to value differences in one another.


Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Wood

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