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In the pictures, you can see the children working hard to assemble a skeleton in their science lesson. The children worked really well as a team and I was pleased to see how many bone names that they could remember!

We have started our addition and subtraction topic in maths this week.  We have been learning how to add ones and tens to a three-digit number.  In our practical maths lesson, the children continued their work on estimation and were estimating how many steps they thought it would take to get to different areas of the garden. The children thought very carefully about this and it was great to hear lots of reasoning behind their choices.

In Literacy this week, the children have been finishing their non-chronological reports about Blue Whales. I am incredibly impressed with all of their work! They have worked really hard to include lots of different language features to make their reports informative and exciting. We have also finished reading our class book 'Gangsta Granny' by David Walliams. The children absolutely loved this book and voted to read another one of his stories, 'Billionaire boy'.

In topic, the children were very excited to explore the work of Dr Eugenie Clark. They were all fascinated with the incredible life that she has led and asked some brilliant questions.


We had a fun end to the week with a visit from the Chester Zoo Safari Rangers. They delivered a workshop to the children all about rainforests which links in with our topic about nature and animal conservation. The children learned about the different layers of a rainforest and the animals that might live there. Unfortunately, the rainforest is being destroyed so the children explored different ways that they can help to limit habitat destruction. Try and see if you can spot the Rainforest Alliance, fair trade or sustainable palm oil labels on your food at home!


Have a fantastic weekend. 

Miss Lewis and Mrs Campbell.




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