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It has been a busy, fun-filled week in Blakemere!

At the start of the week, the children completed their first set of year 3 assessments. It is not easy transitioning into KS2 but they have all worked extremely hard and they should all be very proud of themselves.

On Wednesday, the children delivered a wonderful Collective Worship at St Peter’s Church. The theme of the Collective Worship was being kind and respectful. The children retold the parable of the Good Samaritan beautifully. It was lovely to hear about what the parable meant to them and how it encourages them to be kind and respectful to everyone too.

The children were also treated to a sporting assembly led by Phil Greening where they were visited by the USA Rugby 7’s team. A lucky few children from Blakemere even had the opportunity to participate in a scrum against three of the players (they were very brave!).

In science, the children conducted an investigation to discover whether people who exercised more had stronger muscles. The children collected results and even plotted them on a scatter graph!

In Literacy this week, the children have been finishing their final drafts of their newspaper article about plastic pollution. The final pieces are absolutely fantastic – the children have included lots of adjectives, adverbs, facts and they have varied sentence length for effect!

In CARE, we have been focusing on peer pressure. After exploring what it meant and recognising whether different scenarios would be positive or negative peer pressure, the children did a bit of role play! They acted out a scene and the rest of the class had to identify who was being pressured, who was doing the pressuring and what they would do in that situation.

As it is the end of the half term, I asked the children what their favourite moments have been so far in Blakemere. Here are a few responses:

“Science has been my favourite because I liked doing the scatter graph” – Toby

“I have enjoyed English because I loved researching on the macbooks about plastic pollution. I also enjoyed making the plastic flower for Chester Town Hall” - Isabel

“My favourite lesson was topic because we got to use the watercolours to paint a picture and I got to paint a giraffe.” – Bea

“My favourite subject has been Literacy because you get to write things that you wouldn’t expect to write’” – Ollie

"“My favourite lesson was when we got to do a science investigation because we got to do swap jumps which was exciting. I also enjoyed when the rugby 7’s team came in because I got to high 5 two of them.” – Annie

“My favourite subject has been maths because it is fun and it challenges my brain. I love maths.” – Isla

“My favourite thing was doing a scrum with the rugby 7s team from America because we won!” - Leo

We hope you have a relaxing half term filled with lots of fun! 

Miss Lewis and Mrs campbell.


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