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On Tuesday, a storyteller visited Blakemere!

The children had the wonderful opportunity to be told stories by Richard O’Neill. He told the children an imaginative story about a family who were travelling spoon-makers who had traded some spoons for some stories. The children were completely captivated as it really sparked their imagination. They even had the opportunity to solve some riddles to access the stories. Can you guess what this is? – the more you take, the more you leave behind.


In science, we have been doing some investigative work. The children have been exploring how water is transported in plants, and whether the temperature impacts the rate in which it is transported. The children were so excited when they saw that the food colouring in the water had made the white flowers turn blue as the water travelled through the flower!

In maths, we have been doing work on subtraction. It is fantastic to hear how much they have been enjoying maths and seeing them all push themselves in the lesson by writing their own word problems and solving some tricky missing number questions!

In literacy, we have continued to do work on the ‘Great Kapok tree’. The children have been outside to explore their senses and using this, they have written some really imaginative setting descriptions of a rainforest. I was really impressed with how they managed to include lots of language features such as: fronted adverbials, expanded noun phrases and powerful verbs!


During our topic lesson, the children created a timeline of the key events in Jane goodall's life. The children loved seeing the work she does with chimpanzees and it is brilliant to hear that some of the children have been going home and sharing facts with you at home.


As it is Children in Need day, we have been decorating biscuits by icing on Pudsey bear and spots! The children have also sketched some fantastic pictures of Pudsey.

Thank you to all of those parents who attended parents evening. It was wonderful to finally meet you all and to share all of your child’s great achievements with you. Thank you for your continuous support.

I hope you have a lovely weekend,

Miss Lewis and Mrs Campbell.







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