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This week, the children have been debating the use of palm oil.

During their topic lesson, the children explored what palm oil is, what we use it for and the advantages and disadvantages of using it. After some research, we held a debate where the children had to either represent the side ‘for’ using palm oil or the side ‘against’ using palm oil. I was really impressed with how well the children articulated themselves during the debate and how passionate they all were. Although we all tended to agree with the side that argued for only using sustainable palm oil so that we don’t carelessly destroy the rainforest, it was great to see the children using their skills to represent both sides of the debate.


In maths, the children have continued developing their knowledge of the 3,4 and 8 times tables. They are all becoming so much more confident with this and even used their knowledge to crack the hidden code, as you can see in the pictures.


In literacy, we have started to write the first draft of our persuasive letters that are based upon the ‘Great Kapok Tree.’ The children have managed to include lots of language features (such as flattery, rhetorical questions, statistics, fronted adverbials and emotive language) to persuade the worker to not cut down the tree. I can’t wait to read the finished pieces!


Practise for the Christmas play has been going brilliantly in preparation for Wednesday’s performance. Thank you to those that have already brought in their Christmas jumpers or costumes. If your child has not yet brought in their jumper or costume, can you please ensure that these are brought in on Monday morning.


Have a lovely weekend and get plenty of rest.


Miss Lewis and Mrs Campbell.

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