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This week has been Children’s Mental Health week and so the children have been participating in some wonderful workshops and activities to support their wellbeing.


On Monday, the children were treated to Disco Fit workshop where we were able to turn off the lights, get our glow sticks out and have a good dance – turns out that we have some very talented dancers in Blakemere! On Tuesday, the ladies from LAMDA held a lovely session which allowed the children to understand how we can change a bad day into a good day just from changing our mind set and looking for the positives! On Wednesday, the children were able to switch off and relax at the end of the day with a brilliant stretch and relaxation workshop. We have also been ‘finding our brave’ in class and exploring what self-esteem is and how we can build ours up. See our twitter page for more videos and pictures!



Blakemere were also treated to another fantastic Literacy workshop by Explore Learning. The children put on their explorer hats and headed to the rainforest to discover new creatures. After spotting a strange and wonderful animal, the children had to write a detailed description of their discovery so that they could tell everyone about it. I was very impressed with how engaged the children were throughout and how creative their descriptions were!

 We have also been finishing editing and writing up the final versions of our diary entries based upon our book ‘How to train your dragon’. They are all looking fantastic so far and the children should all be proud of themselves.




In maths, we have been estimating and timing how long it takes us to do different tasks, such as solving 5 mental maths questions or linking 6 paper clips. We have also been sequencing the months of the year and learning how many days are in each month.


For national numbers day, the children worked in groups to do some problem solving – they had to discover what was the lowest and highest score they could make by counting the faces of the dice which were visible.


In R.E., we read the parable of the sower and the seed and explored the message we could take from it. The children discussed what each seed might represent and thought about which seed they wanted to be. 


We have been looking at fossils in science. The children have been exploring the conditions needed for a fossil to form and sequencing each step. Thank you to all of the children who brought in their own fossils and rocks to share with the class too. 


I hope you are having a relaxing and enjoyable weekend,


Miss Lewis and Mrs Campbell

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