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On Wednesday, Blakemere participated in a workshop about Islam with Imran.

The children were particularly interested in this as this term we are going to be learning about Islam in R.E. The children created a mind-map of questions that they would like to find out about during the topic so it was a fantastic opportunity for the children to ask Imran about some of these. During the workshop, the children learned about the 5 pillars and how Muslims pray.

During our literacy lessons, we have been focusing on grammar elements this week. The children have looked at: punctuating direct speech, expanded noun phrases and prepositions. The children will be applying this knowledge when they write an adventure story in a few weeks time.

We have started our fractions topic in maths and I am incredibly impressed with how hard the children have been working. They all have a fantastic understanding of how to count in tenths and finding fractions of an amount. Next week, we will be looking at equivalent fractions.

In our CARE lesson, we discussed how we could resolve conflicts with our friends. The children thought really carefully about what they would do in different situations and it has been brilliant to see the children becoming more independent about solving their own problems at break times.

In science, we have started our forces and magnets topic. After discussing that a force changes the motion of an object, the children investigated to different ways they could apply a force to a range of objects. After writing these verbs down, we realised that we could sort them into either ‘push’ or ‘pull’.

It has been fantastic to hear about all of the adventures that the children had over the half-term and to read their brilliantly creative 500 word stories. These have all been submitted into the competition now so good luck to everyone!

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss lewis and Mrs Campbell.

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