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Blakemere thoroughly enjoyed making spring rolls this week to link in with our Topic work on China!

The children worked in small groups to prepare all of the ingredients and to roll and cook their delicious spring rolls for them to try.

During topic, we have also designed and created our own Chinese dragons and used levers to make them move.  The children worked so hard on them and tried to incorporate the traditional colours. As you can see, they all look absolutely fantastic!

In maths, we have been continuing our work on equivalent fractions and in Literacy we have been completing some descriptive writing to help us with our upcoming adventure story.



We also celebrated the very special festival for Hindus - Holi Day. The children explored why the festival is so important for the Hindu religion and created some very colourful artwork!

During our science lesson, we created an investigation to explore how objects move on different surfaces. We set up a ramp, which we covered with different materials, and let go of a toy car to see how far it would travel. We recorded our findings and discussed our conclusion: the less friction a material has, the further the car will travel.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Lewis and Mrs Campbell

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