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The children were able to create beautiful designs! 



This week Blakemere have been learning all about Cave paintings in topic, when they were found and how they were created. The children had a lovely time using a tea bag to stain the page to make it look aged. They then used earthy coloured pastels to: depict hunting scenes, draw animals and produce hand prints.


In Literacy the children absolutely loved creating their own robot for a ‘Iron Man’ inspired story they will be creating next week; they had so many fantastic ideas! We have also been looking at fronted adverbials, the children have been able to use these well.


In maths the children have been working hard on solving place value problems, today they have been solving Monsters Inc themed problems. 


In Science with Mrs Evans this week the children were looking at how plants grow and make energy, the big word of the week was photosynthesis! 


Have a great weekend! 


Mr Huddart, Mrs Evans and Mrs Venables 


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