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Blakemere have loved making maps with symbols on!



Blakemere have had another great week with their online learning. They have been learning in Topic all about using a key when sketching a map, the children really focused to learn what the different symbols mean.


In Literacy, Mr Huddart was so impressed with their story writing; they have all created such exciting stories all based around a dragon! The children worked so hard to use expanded noun phrases in their stories and this made them a pleasure to read.


In maths, the children have been working so hard to understand the rules of fractions, this time calculating the value of fractions of amounts.


Here also are some of the amazing artworks the children have completed.


The teachers in Year 3 have been so impressed with the hard work and concentration of all of the children in Blakemere. 


Have a lovely weekend.


Mr Huddart, Mrs Evans and Mrs Venables.

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