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The children have really enjoyed their World Book Day in Blakemere Class.

We looked at the author Anthony Browne and some of his most popular stories including 'Voices in the Park'. Anthony Browne is an excellent illustrator and the humour in his work really shines through, this really captured the children's interest. On this day we completed character descriptions, discussed emotions in an illustration and began to create our own Anthony Browne inspired short stories.

In Maths this week the children have continued their fractions work; showing understanding of how to find the fraction of various numbers including ½ and ¼. I have been really pleased with the progress the children have been able to make in this area of fractions work and this is all down to their hard work and concentration in class.

In Topic the children have researched using the iPads 'endangered animals'. Using the internet they have been able to gain a greater understanding of their chosen animal and why it is that they are classed as endangered. They have also been able to produce a lovely endangered animal fact file to go into their books.

A special mention must go out to the Year 3 boys who managed to win the Chester Football Festival at Overleigh St Marys Primary School on Wednesday night. They will now go on to play a range of successful school at Everton's training base next week. Well done boys!

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