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This week in topic the children have been learning about the parachute regiment and their very important role during World War 2.

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Learning to tell the time

This week in Blakemere the children have been learning to tell the time. They have worked really hard to learn the new concepts of analogue and digital timings. Using their clocks they have been able to solve many problems.

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We have learnt so much

This has been a great half term for Blakemere, we have learnt so much and we really have been trying our best.

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National Waterways Museum

This week in Blakemere Class we visited the National Waterways Museum at Ellesmere Port.

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Learning about rationing

his week the children in topic have been learning about rationing during World War 2. They have observed how people during the war used to have limited amounts of food and how it all had to be logged in a Ration book.

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