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Pancake day, Care assembly, PSDA pet day AND Chinese new year!

Wow, what a busy week we’ve had in Hatchmere!

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Children’s mental health awareness week in Hatchmere

This week has been children’s mental health awareness week in school and we’ve been enjoying taking part in something different activities.


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Hatchmere’s safari ranger visit

This week we continued with our fantastic visitors and had a visit from a sarafri ranger from Chester Zoo.


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Hatchmere’s trip to Techniquest!

What a fantastic day we had yesterday on our first trip of the spring term.


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Thinking about how we can make the world a better place…

This week in Hatchmere we’ve been really focusing on our topic, ‘can we make the world a better place?’, by discussing how our chosen professions can make the world a better place.

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