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We went on our first school trip yesterday, it was a fantastic day!


We started our trip at Beeston Castle by looking at an information book all about the features of a castle, this helped us to spot the different parts of the ruins as we walked to the top. When we’d read our book we began our walk to the top, on the way up we spotted some arrow loops, which is where archers fired their arrows from inside the castle, the children enjoyed having a go at pretending to fire an arrow!



Once we reached the top of the hill where the main castle ruins are we enjoyed looking at the amazing views- we could even see Liverpool and Jodrell Bank from the top! We then explored the features of the castle that are still standing. There was a fire place, a well and a turret which prompted some fantastic discussions about what they would have been used for when people lived in the castle.


It was a fantastic trip and the children made us really proud with their amazing behaviour and super walking skills! Well-done Hatchmere! 



This week we also celebrated ‘World animal day’ by learning about local wildlife and some of the animals that might live in our forest area by the car park. We did this by searching for animal toys and looking at where they were hidden as this gave us clues about the habitats that they live in. Once we’d learnt about the different habitats we discussed ways we can make sure we don’t impact on animals habitats, for example by not leaving litter or cutting down trees.


In phonics this week we learnt the tricky words /the/ and /go/. Tricky words are words that we can’t blend using our phonics knowledge, we just have to look at it and sight-read it.


Our numeracy focus for the last few weeks has been recognising and sequencing numbers to 10. A nice activity to do at home is to use natural objects to create a number line 1-10, for example one pebble, two pine cones, three sticks etc.


Tomorrow is our Harvest assembly in school with Rev Elaine. Hatchmere have created some Harvest pictures to help celebrate it in assembly. Please drop any of your donations into the school hall in the morning.  


Have a lovely weekend! 

Miss Hume, Mrs Lloyd and Mrs Lathaen


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