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This week Hatchmere have braved whatever the weather to spend lots of time outside!


This week all three of our numeracy sessions have been outside. Whilst half the class swim on a Monday the other half take part in a numeracy session with Miss Hume, and vice versa on a Thursday. This week the children were challenged to fill the 100 numicon boards using the numicon pieces without any gaps or over lapping. To extended their learning they were then challenged to fill the boards without using the number one or two pieces. This is a really good activity for exploring how two numbers fit together and is the beginning of exploring number bonds. 



We also went outside on Wednesday afternoon during our learning about 2D shapes. The children were challenged to use small sticks to create a range of 2D shapes, we were very impressed with the children’s shape knowledge! This is a really simple and effective activity that can be replicated at home in the garden or whilst on a walk. If you do choose to do this acitivity at home please send over some pictures to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so we can include them in your child’s learning journey!


In our forest skills session this week,we gave each child a clipboard and paper and challenged them to go out and draw some of the natural objects they could see on our school field. It was a lovely activity that all the children really enjoyed.



On Tuesday 24th October Miss Hume will be holding a curriculum evening for Hatchmere parents from 3:30pm till 4:00pm (an ezee trip message will be being sent out tomorrow), this will give you a quick over view of the curriculum we follow in Hatchmere and how you can best support your child at home.


We hope you have a lovely weekend,

Miss Hume, Mrs Lloyd and Mrs Lathaen



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