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Our first week back has been no different to the others… very busy! 

We got straight back into our phonics work this week and have learnt the new tricky words /we/ and /me/, as well as recapping all our other tricky words we know. So far we have learnt the following tricky words: 

the, go, no, to, into, we, me, he, she

As the name explains, these are tricky words because they can be blended so children have to look at the word and sight read it, which takes a lot of practise. In class we enjoy listening to this tricky word song:


We also practise recognising the words by writing them out on paper, in sand or with paint. We go on hunts to find tricky words around the school. A great activity that can be done at home is to challenge children to read a piece of text and highlight any tricky words they find, even if the text is too difficult for children to read fully it will still contain tricky words that they have learnt, eg in a newspaper or magazine article.

Remember to look on the ‘Hatchmere’ page for our latest topic webs and information on what we’ll be learning about this term. We’re particularly interested in professions that make the world a better place, eg scientist, police officer, fire officer, vets etc, if you (or anyone you know) has a job that you think the children would be interested in and you’re happy to talk to the class please see Miss Hume. It’s always lovely to have parents in to talk to the children about their jobs as it makes the information relevant and interesting.

Have a lovely weekend. 

Miss Hume, Mrs Lloyd and Mrs Lathaen

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