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What a lovely week in Hatchmere! 

We’ve been busy, as always, this week. On Tuesday we learnt the new digraph /oo/ which can make an /u/ sounds in words like /book/, /look/ and /wood/ but can also make an /oo/ sound in words like /moon/, /spoon/ and /broom/. The children took part in an activity to find words and images outside and then place them within the correct /oo/ hoop.


It’s been lovely that the weather has warmed up slightly so we can spend some more time outdoors. We ventured up to the woodland area and challenged the children to work collaboratively to build shelters for small toy animals. It was lovely to observe children using their communication and problem solving skills.


We also took part in a lovely chocolate workshop on Wednesday where we learnt about the process involved in making chocolates. We hope you enjoyed your yummy hedgehogs at home with your family!


Next week we have our stay and play sessions for Mother’s day on Tuesday. Please let Miss Hume know either tomorrow or Monday the time slot you will be attending (9:00am or 2:15pm). This promises to be a fantastic day which will allow you to gain an insight into a day in Hatchmere.


Have a lovely weekend, 

Miss Hume, Mrs Lloyd and Mrs Lathaen

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