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To coincide with the spring equinox on Tuesday and the Easter celebrations we went on a spring scavenger hunt looking for changes in the season!


Despite it having been so cold recently there has been some changes to our outdoor area that signify the start of Spring. It was lovely to see the children exploring the outdoor area looking high and low for different signs. Each child had a clip board and spring scavenger hunt sheet which helped them to identify different signs of spring.

We’ve been trying to be outside more again this week now the very cold weather has gone, we used the guttering and cars to do some practical adding. In pairs the children rolled a car down the numbered guttering and then add the two numbers together.

This week we’ve learnt lots of new digraphs in phonics, we’ve learnt: /oi/ as in coin, /ow/ as in cow, /oa/ as in boat. We learnt these through various games and activities.

We have another busy week next week with a range of Easter activities, we’ll be taking part in lots of craft activities and learning about the story of Easter. On Thursday we’ll be attending the Church for an Easter service, taking part in an Easter egg hunt and the famous Easter rolling! On Thursday children need to bring in their decorated egg’s with the theme of the Commonwealth games and some hard boiled eggs to be rolled in the afternoon.

Please see the optional homework tasks on the Hatchmere Homework page of the website for Easter homework. If you have any questions about them please speak to a member of Hatchmere staff during the next week.

A lot of parents have mentioned their child has missing pieces of uniform, please can we request you look through your child's school uniform and PE kit to ensure you have the correct clothes, thank you in advance. 

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Hume, Mrs Lloyd and Mrs Lathaen

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