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Hatchmere have had an eggciting week!



We’ve had an amazing week this week with the arrival of 10 eggs in an incubator on Monday! We then watched with excitement on Tuesday and learnt about the process of how an egg hatches. When Miss Hume arrived in school on Wednesday we found 2 chicks has hatched then we got to watch with amazement throughout the day as 3 more hatched. Then on Thursday morning we had a total of 7 healthy and lively chicks.


All 7 chicks have now been moved to a ‘brooder box’ with a heat lamp, which is where they will stay for the next week. They now have access to food and fresh water and the children can see them clearly.


It’s been a fantastic experience watching the eggs hatch and the chicks establish themselves. It’s prompted lots of fantastic learning opportunities and hopefully created some really special memories for the children. Please feel free to have a look at drop off times! They’re very cute!


Next week will continue with lots of chick related activities and get to handle them (very carefully!). The chicks are coming home with Miss Hume this weekend.


Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Hume, Mrs Lloyd, Mrs Lathaen & Mrs Dodd



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