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Hatchmere have had a lovely week this week celebrating shrove Tuesday. 

We spent some time talking about what Shrove Tuesday is and the meaning behind it (not just the yummy pancakes!). We then made our own pancakes and enjoyed having them with lemon and sugar. It was nice to see all the children trying the pancakes even if they were a little unsure to begin with.


In phonics this week we learnt the new digraph /oo/. This digraph is a special one because it can make two sounds! In some words the /oo/ digraph is said as an /u/ sound, eg /book/ /cook/ and /look/. But in other words it is said as an /oo/, eg /moon/ /soon/ /boom/. Look out for our new digraph in stories and print you see with your child, it would be great if they can recap this sound over the weekend.


In numeracy this week we’ve been learning about doubling and have started to talk about recording number calculations. We’ll be continuing recording calculations next week.


A big thank you to all the parents who came to parents evening on Wednesday night, again, it was great to share all children’s fantastic achievements over the year.


Have a lovely weekend, 

Miss Hume, Mrs Lloyd, Mrs Lathaen and Mrs Dodd

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