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This week we've continued our literacy work on our focus of Jack and the Beanstalk. 

Last week, we wrote character descriptions to help the children understand the different aspects of a story. This week they have been challenged to write their own versions! 

We began by sharing ideas of where our beanstalk could take us, that it could be a real place of a fantasy place. We then talked about who the characters in our story could be, either ourselves or a new made up character. During the input the children were absolutely fantastic and shared so many fantastic ideas. We had planned for the children to write their stories in small groups on paper, but as we got busy we turned to see a group of them just couldn't wait and had started writing their stories on a whiteboard! We obviously encouraged and supported the children to continue writing their stories in this way. 

This week in numeracy we recapped our 3D shapes to make sure the children could still name the shapes and talk about the properties of different shapes. 

Thank you to all the families who are taking the time to complete a homework task each week, it's lovely to see the children's work and they are enjoying sharing it on a Friday after show and tell. We hope you have seen the benefits of the tasks too. 

Have a lovely bank holiday weekend and we'll see you on Tuesday, 

Miss Hume, Mrs Lloyd, Mrs Lathaen and Mrs Dodd

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