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This week in phonics the children were challenged to be detectives. 

Miss Hume wrote a selection of words on the whiteboard, the children then had to read through a passage of text and highlight all the words on the board in the writing. We were so impressed with how well the children worked during this activity, it's so lovely to see how much progress each child has made within their literacy work! 

On Tuesday afternoon of this week we used the mac books, the children were asked to type the first line "I am..." with their name and then they could type any other information they wanted about themselves. Again, they were fantastic during this activity! Using the mac books to type sentences is a fun way for the children to apply their phonics knowledge. 

Today was Reverend Elaine's final collective worship in school, each class was asked to prepare something to share during the collective worship to say thank you to Reverend Elaine for all her hard work over the years. Hatchmere performed a version of 'he's got the whole world in is hands' to include Reverend Elaine's name, it was really lovely and Reverend Elaine really appreciated our hard work. 

Please can we ask politely that children are encouraged to bring one item for show and tell on a Friday afternoon, the session is limited on time as it is so it becomes difficult if children bring more then one item to talk about, thank you!

Have a lovely weekend, 

Miss Hume, Mrs Lloyd, Mrs Lathaen and Mrs Dodd

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