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It's sports day! 

Hatchmere are very excited for their first sports day! It's lovely to see them all in their house tee shirts. 

Our focus for today is for children to have a fantastic time and take part in a range of races. Hatchmere will take part in a running race and an obstacle race, which include space hoopers! We've spoken lots this week about team work and being a good sport, all the children have been encouraged to cheer each other on and support their friends. 

This week we've continued watching the caterpillars, they've now made their cocoons and are happily becoming butterflies! We think at the end of next week we should have some beautiful butterflies. 

We can't believe that we've only got 3 weeks left in Hatchmere, it's been a fantastic year. We'll be spending time in the next few weeks looking back at the children's achievements by looking through our special books and talking about how much we've learnt. 

We hope that the warm weather continues next week, if it does, please make sure you provide your child with suncream and a hat to wear at break times. 

Have a lovely sunny weekend! 

Miss Hume, Mrs Lloyd, Mrs Lathaen and Mrs Dodd


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