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Hatchmere released the Butterflies this week! 

This week we arrived to school on Monday to find 5 healthy and active butterflies! We really enjoyed studying the left over cocoons and talking about how the butterflies were able to push out of them. 

On Tuesday we decided they were ready to be released, we talked about the best place to do it in school and decided on the Jubilee Garden because it has lots of flowers for them to eat. It was lovely to see them fly off happily. Thank you to the Boyle family for kindly donating the kit to us! 

We can't believe we only have 2 weeks left of the school year, what an amazing year it's been! In the next couple of weeks we've got lots of exciting things planned and we're all looking forward to seeing the dress rehearsal for the key stage 2 performance on Tuesday. 

This week we've been creating some art work for a display in the main school. We used a technique called Batik, we drew our pictures and then poured wax over the outlines and then covered them in an ink wash. The wax then stands out against the wax and looks really effective. We'll let you know when the display is finished so you can go and take a look!

We will continue with our daily phonics and maths lessons over the next two weeks to make sure we're ready for the transition into year 1, whilst finding time for lots of fun outdoor activities as well. Lets hope the warm weather stays!

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