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It has been a busy half term in Hatchmere!

The end of the first half term has arrived and Hatchmere seem to be ready for a refreshing break after all their hard work the past eight weeks. 

This week, we all worked together to make an alien 'guy' for the bonfire competition at the Fox and Barrel Inn. Great listening and team work all round.

We've also been looking after the chickens this week. The children have all been out to have a look at them, with some children even going to collect the eggs. The children are excited for their next chance at looking after the chickens next half term.  

Earlier in the week the children learned about describing words during forest skills. In teams they were asked to find something from outside that may have been prickly, smooth, brown, fluffy etc. During the activity the children learned how to work as a team and listen to each other when deciding what to put in their egg box.

We have learned the phonemes 'b' and 'h' this week in phonics. The children used the pictures below to help with letter formation. We have also focused on recapping phonemes learned so far, as well as practising our segmenting and blending skills. 

In maths we have focused on 'one more than' the children developed confidence adding one more to find the answer in a range of practical activities. Some children even impressed us by telling us what 2, 3 or 4 more than a given number is! Well done Hatchmere.

As it is the end of half term, we asked the children what they have enjoyed the most so far in Hatchmere. Here are a few responses:

"I like going outside" Why? "Because I see my sister" - Nellie

"I like swimming, because i like going backwards, on my back" - Isaac

"My favourite is playing with the play-doh" Why "Because I make shapes and numbers - Isabelle

"Drawing pictures - I like drawing spiderman" - Jude (Quite a few boys agreed with this one!)

"I like playing with the mobilo to make models" What models? "Brachiosaurus" - Ozzy

"Reading because there are lots of funny words" - Theo


We hope you all have an amazing half term and look forward to welcoming you back to an exciting and busy half term leading up to Christmas!

Miss Wood, Mrs Lathean and Mr Hunt

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