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Hatchmere have loved their firework activities this week.

The children have been so excited talking about fireworks this week we decided to include this in our activities this week. We began by making firework paintings using bright paint and glitter. The children talked about the sounds they heard during bonfire night, we had 'pops', 'bangs', and 'whooshes' among many others! We also made firework biscuits using icing and sprinkles to create our own fireworks.

In maths we have been around school and outside on a shape hunt. While in class we made a shape rocket and talked about the shapes we know. I was impressed by some facts I heard the children talking about, like how many sides or corners shapes have. We will look at shapes again next week. 

In phonics we have recapped our previously learned graphemes from last half term. We looked at the new grapheme 'f' and the digraph 'ff'. Using the indoor and outdoor area we have practised segmenting and blending, and worked on our letter formation too. We also wrote some half term news. After discussing our favourite part of half term, the children drew a picture and wrote a caption underneath on their own.

We also made a poppy each that has been added to the whole school display in the front entrance of school. On Monday we will take part in a collective worship and minutes silence. We briefly discussed the meaning of poppies and remembrance day in class, and will look at this again on Monday.

Have a lovely weekend, 

Miss Wood, Mrs Lathaen and Mr Hunt.

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