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Hatchmere's first collective worship was incredible!

We are so impressed with the whole of Hatchmere for their outstanding collective worship this week. It is a massive achievement to stand up in front of so many parents and talk, yet each and every one of Hatchmere were able to speak individually and hold up their painting. They even repeated their performance to the whole school at the end of the day. We are very proud!

This week we woke up to our first heavy frost; the children arrived at school excitedly talking about the cold weather. We went on a walk to look at and talk about the frost. The children noticed there was no frost under the trees where it was sheltered, and we even found frosty cobwebs! We talked about the seasons and how it is cold in winter.

Our second parent phonic session went well and again the children were delighted to have parents in the room. We can't wait for more opportunities like this, especially the Christmas stay and play sessions. Please check you have booked on!

We have extended our learning of shapes this week by looking at more 2D shapes such as pentagons, octagons and ellipses. Can your child spot any shapes around home?

On Monday the children worked with artist Chris Gilbert. The children talked about how to use shapes to draw animals and different animals that Noah might have taken aboard the Ark. They then spent time drawing their own animals that will be used in a piece of art work for the middle of the Ark. We can't wait to see the finished artwork. 

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Wood, Mrs Lathaen and Mr Hunt

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