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Hatchmere loved spending time outdoors in their first week back this term.

After a late start this week, Hatchmere spend time in the forest area rebuilding the bug hotel. The children worked together to collect sticks to fill the gaps. We thught carefully about the rules in the woodland and also talked about the farmers field. It was exciting watching the cows and birds on the field, which have replaced the crops that were grown at the start of the year.

In phonics we have started phase 3, we have looked at the phonemes 'y', 'x', 'z' and 'v'. The children have enjoyed using the outdoor area to practice their phonics, by writing in chalk outside and completing a word hunt.

In maths we made a number line to 10 using the Numicon and the children found the number shape they were asked for. They then played a game in pairs to hide a Numicon number shape and then the partner had to look at the number line and identify what was missing. We then moved on to addition using Numicon. The children found the total of two numbers by counting the total.

Our topic web is available on the class page of the website, which gives you an overview of learning taking place this term.

Finally, a big thank you from the team for the generous Christmas gifts, we hope you had a lovely holiday!

Miss Wood, Mrs Lathaen and Mr Hunt


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