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This week Hatchmere have been looking at subtraction.

It was really fun making play-doh balls then smashing the ones to subtract. The children then counted the remainder to find the answer. We have also used small objects and Numicon to help us subtract by removing items from a total group. Some children are even confident to subtract small numbers in their heads. 

We have been looking at the church and its features in religious education. The children spent time colouring their own stained glass window and talked about the colours they used. 

In phonics, we are focusing on digraphs, where two letters make one sound. So far we have covered 'ch, sh, th, ng, ai, ee' Why not see if you can find any words containing these digraphs in books at home and talk about them with your child?

This week we have celebrated Chinese New Year. The special lunch on Thursday seemed to be a success, with children enjoying at least one part of the menu, and most ate it all! We talked about the sweet fried apple, caramel sauce and ice-cream which appeared to be a class favourite. In class we listened to the story of the Chinese Zodiac and how the animals were chosen. We found out that blossom trees are a symbol of new life and good luck. Using shades of pink made from mixing red and white, the children painted their own blossom tree for good luck. 

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Wood, Mrs Lathean and Mr Hunt

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