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Hatchmere had a wonderful week celebrating Children's mental health week.

This week, we have had a number of exciting workshops and activities. We started the week with a disco-fit workshop, the children learned different moves linked to fruit, then put them all together to make a workout dance. They loved wriggling and moving to keep fit and healthy. The LAMDA drama workshop was a success, but the favourite workshop this week was stretch and relaxation. The children each had a teddy bear on their tummy to help focus on breathing by watching the teddy move up and down. In class we talked about how to keep our brain happy and healthy, coloured kind messages and passed them on to each other, as well as spending time outside on the climbing equipment in the sunshine. 

In phonics, we have continued to learn the new graphemes 'ur', 'ow', 'ar' and 'or'. We have a few more graphemes in phase 3, then we will spend the next half term strengthening our recognition of these graphemes and using them in our writing. 

On Friday we celebrated national number day. The whole afternoon was dedicated to numbers. The children moved around the indoor and outdoor provision, focusing on number based activities and games. We were very pleased with how the children used mathematical language and compared numbers together. We ended the day with a number bingo, one our current favourite games!

We hope youve had a wonderful weekend,


Miss Wood, Mrs Lathaen and Mr Hunt

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