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Hatchmere loved their first dodgeball tournament for Sports Relief!

On Friday, Hatchmere worked in their house teams to compete in a whole school dodgeball tournament to raise money for sports relief. They loved every minute of the competition and were very excited when they returned to class. Well done to the Owls for winning, and all children for great sportsmanship throughout. 

Earlier in the week we learned about Holi-festival, the Hindu festival of colours. The children learned that good triumphs over evil, and watched a short clip of children taking part in traditional activities from the festival. We then worked alongside Oakmere in two groups. Imagining we were at the paint throwing festival, the children drew a portrait and then flicked paint over it, as well as drawing around their hand and making a beautiful mehndi (a drawing/pattern on the hand).

In phonics, we have been applying our learning to writing. We also learned the trigraphs 'ear' and 'air' - can you find any words containing these digraphs in books from home? 

For topic, we completed our rainforest layer paintings and labelled these. We also listened to a choir making a rainstorm using just their hands and feet. The class worked hard to recreate this, have a look at twitter for a video of the activity! After, we listened to rainforest sounds and explored using musical instruments to recreate some of them. We will continue to make rainforest music in small groups this week. 

We hope you had a lovely weekend,

Miss Wood, Mrs Lathaen and Mr Hunt.

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