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This week Hatchmere loved making Christmas decorations ready to be displayed on a tree in Chester Cathedral!

Hatchmere were so excited this week to discover they would be making a decoration for a Christmas tree in Chester Cathedral.  This encouraged lovely conversations about family traditions in their homes and what they are looking forward to doing at Christmas with their families this year.  The children made little Christmas trees using pine cones and wrapped them with sparkly pipe cleaners as tinsel!  

Hatchmere had another sprinkle of Christmas happiness this week.  During play time, two of the children spotted a piece of red fluff on the ground.  "It's Father Christmas fluff!'  The children were so excited to find out Father Christmas had travelled over Delamere this week!  They said the fluff felt like magic.

In maths this week we have continued learning about shapes and made impressive patterns in the art books!  In phonics we have explored new digraphs /ai/ee/ and trigraph /igh/ We also looked at tricky words 'was' and 'my.'  A big well done to all the children for always working really hard in phonics each day and enjoying themselves!

Hatchmere are having so much fun in their new outdoor area!  Custom made grass seats, a big chalk board and storyteller chair all arrived at the weekend ready for an exciting week.  Doesn't it look amazing, it's so much fun being outside, especially on rainy days!  We look forward to many happy months together in our new outdoor classroom. 

The Nativity will take place in the Church this year, filmed and sent to you via google classroom.  All costumes will be provided by School.  Please provide plain clothing to be worn underneath the costume to keep your child warm in the Church. Thank you. 

We welcome two students in Hatchmere this academic year; Jess and Mrs Young.  

Wishing you all a very happy weekend,

Mrs Birks, Mrs Inskip, Mrs Lathaen, Mr Hunt, Mrs Young and Jess. 

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