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This week we have been concentrating on sounds 's', 'a' and 't'. The children used their magic fingers to make the shape of the letters in the air. We were so impressed with all the words Hatchmere could think of beginning with these letters, well done you! We used white boards and pens to practice writing our letters, as well as drawing pictures. Charlie drew a picture of Teddy in our 't' phonics lesson!


In maths, we practiced our number formation, using the interactive white board song to recognise numbers up to 20 and then copying them on white boards.

In RE we explored Noah's Ark, drawing pictures and building Arks with different materials: Lego, play dough and straws.

The children are doing brilliantly getting dressed for PE and swimming, thank you for encouraging them at home to be independent. Please continue to encourage them.

Please encourage your child to continue looking for words beginning with 's', 'a' and 't' over the holiday, we will recap these sounds when we come back to school

Stars of the week
A very big well done to our stars of the week- Charlie Wall and Rebekah Pye

Have a great holiday, see you soon

Miss Jervis and Mrs Pittam

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