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Hatchmere's stay and play sessions


A big thank you to all the family members who came for the stay and play session on Tuesday this week. It was lovely to have you all spend some time in the classroom with us, we hope you enjoyed it too! It was a lovely way to end Hatchmere's first term in school. 

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The Christmas celebrations continue in Hatchmere!

Hatchmere are ready for their first Christmas dinner day in school and we're very excited! 

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Hatchmere's trip to see Father Christmas!


Hatchmere had the most fantastic time visiting Father Christmas at Blakemere craft centre!

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Writing on whiteboards


During a phonics lesson Hatchmere practised using their phonics skills to record words. 

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Collective worship at St Peter's church

On Wednesday it was Hatchmere's first collective worship at St Peter's church for our families. 

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