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How to train your dragon – Hatchmere Class

This week Hatchmere have been learning how to train a dragon. We have been finding totals of different amounts using dragon eggs and creating our own problem solving dragon games. We have also been researching dragons and have created our very own guidebook on how to train your dragon, including where they come from and what they eat. We will be continuing with our training next week.....

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Pottery Artist Spencer Holland

This week we have been learning how to order numbers up to 20 and recognising one-digit and two-digit numbers. We have been finding one less and one more and 10 less and 10 more.

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Hatchmere – Knights and Castles with Princesses thrown in too!

Hatchmere have been learning about Knights; what armour they wore and weapons they used, what types of soldiers were used in battle and how people became Knights. We were very lucky to have some replicas of swords, chainmail and helmets to look at. We became archaeologists with help from Mrs Campbell and studied the remains of pottery from a Castle and made clay plaques, on which we carved our castle designs. Hatchmere have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes; they created symmetrical and repeating patterns to make shields and castles.

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