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Hatchmere's trip to see Father Christmas!


Hatchmere had the most fantastic time visiting Father Christmas at Blakemere craft centre!

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Writing on whiteboards


During a phonics lesson Hatchmere practised using their phonics skills to record words. 

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Collective worship at St Peter's church

On Wednesday it was Hatchmere's first collective worship at St Peter's church for our families. 

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Bushcraft afternoon and a day at the zoo!

Hatchmere have been very busy week this week; a bushcraft afternoon with Mr Ashworth and a trip to Chester Zoo! 

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Learning about Churches and making poppies!

This week Hatchmere have been learning about churches, we talked about the celebrations that take place in a church and children's experiences of being in churches. We then looked at a range of images of different churches and identified the 2D shapes we could see on them.

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