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The children have loved using the mobilo in their play this week.

This week the children have built all sorts of models, from cars and trains to buildings and water canons. Some children even spent time making long trails of mobilo, working together to make it bigger than themselves! There was lots of comparative language, finding things "bigger and smaller than" their trail, as well as thinking of something it could be "as big as..." We’ve also enjoyed using paints this week in our craft area. The children used blocks to print, and developed their fine motor skills while using Q-tips to paint. The children identified shapes used in the printed patterns in their artwork. 
In numeracy we have focused on number formation up to 5. We’ve also been continuing to practice counting groups of objects to find the total number. The traceable number formation cards have been incredibly popular this week.


This week in phonics we have spent time reviewing our previously learned phonemes, focusing on our skills of segmenting (separating sounds) and blending (combining sounds). In addition, we have looked at ‘o’ and ‘g’ phonemes, and practiced their letter formation.


Some parents have asked for advice on the best way to support their child’s reading at home. An important part of early reading is ensuring we use the correct pronunciation of phonemes (sounds letters make). The following video demonstrations the pronunciation of each of the 44 phonemes.
The phonics for parents page on the school website (click here) also contains useful information to read through. The link to the Phase 2 page contains a grid of the phonemes we will learn this term, as well as an example word list you can use to practice oral segmenting and blending.
We will continue to provide information to support home learning where possible.
I hope the parents meeting to introduce the new online learning journeys was useful. If you were unable to attend, a parents guide will be emailed out to all parents. I will also send home a form to complete preferred email addresses for your account to be set up. Please complete and return these as soon as possible so your account can be created.
Finally, please remember to sign up to ClassList to stay up to date with current events and notices from other Hatchmere parents. 
Have a lovely weekend,


Miss Wood, Mrs Lathaen and Mr Hunt
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