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Laughter, stretch, relaxation, appreciation of our world - these are just some of the themes the children have looked at this week.  

We have had a number of interesting experiences as part of Children's Mental Health Week, this week.  On Monday, we began by enjoying a mindfulness activity in appreciation of our surroundings.  We went outside onto the field and listened, looked and appreciated the beauty in the everyday.   One of the children pointed out that we were extremely lucky that not only did we have amazing surroundings, we also were surrounded by amazing people; friends.

Later in the week, we were visited by a laughter expert, "Laughing Jon Hipkiss".  This was an unusual but fun experience as we learnt the power of laughter and how passing that smallest of gifts, a smile, can change ones perspective on the world.  

Thursday saw the children learning how to stretch and relax.  Mrs Clark came and taught the children some interesting stretching poses, including a table, a cow and a frog.  Some were easier than others, but all had the same effect and after the relaxation time, the children were all really calm.

This afternoon, the children drew calmly whilst listening and appreciating the power that music holds over our emotions.  For many weeks, they have been learning about what it is to be resilient, and this week, I hope, has given them even more skills to deal with what ever life may pass their way.  

Have a lovely, relaxing weekend and look after each other.

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