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A very snowy welcome back to the beginning of the second half of spring term. We were very impressed by the creativity and inventiveness of those children who tackled the half term home work of creating a squirrel proof bird feeder.

Take a look on our twitter feed to see the children setting their bird feeders up around school.

It has been another busy week with the children tackling algebra and measurements in maths and in literacy we have been focusing on question types and how to tackle the different types of questions that may appear in the KS2 grammar paper.

As well as the every day subjects, we have had two themed days this week. The first being our Fair trade day , as this week is part of FairTrade Fortnight we took a day away from the curriculum to learn more about Far Trade. We looked at Leandro and the mysterious case of the disappearing and reappearing river. This focused on a farmer called Leandro who is a tea producer and how fair trade has helped him develop and earn money . The second themed day was World Book Day , our school theme this year is Julia Donaldson. Each class had an assigned book. Ours was The snail and the whale.

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