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Who'd have thought that you could cram SO much into one week?

Wow, what a busy week!  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday took half of Linmere and myself to The Conway centre, Anglesey.  For those of you who didn't already know, I grew up not very far from the Conway Centre and so, it was an absolute pleasure to be able to return to the Island with some of my Year 6's.  We partook in many different activities whilst we were there, including watersports; a walk to Llanddwyn Island at Newborough; a visit to Beaumaris Gaol; we completed stunning artwork; played Giant Volleyball and even completed Orienteering activities.  The children's behaviour was exemplary and it was noted by many of the staff there that this felt like the best Conway trip ever (of course, we were blessed with beautiful sunny weather and it always helps - Anglesey can be very grim in the rain!)

For those children going to other schools, they were studiously working away, learning all about three different elements of the RainForest.  Whilst at the Eden Centre, we touched on some learning about three key areas for surviving the extreme conditions: Medicine/Health, Shelter and Nutrition/Water.  They have produced some amazing pieces of research about these key areas - should they ever find themselves in the Rainforest, I'm in no doubt they would be able to survive!

The second half of the week has been equally busy.  On Thursday morning, we paid a visit to St. Peter's church, where the children learned all about the sacrament of Holy Communion.  They were fascinated by how the service takes place and were even allowed to help Reverend Elaine lay out the different elements of this important service.

Today has been another extremely busy day - we spent the morning on a whirlwind tour of various workshops about safety.  The aim of these is to teach children ways to stay safe when they are out and about over the summer holidays, and provide them with life skills.  It was an excellent and informative morning.

Added to all of the above, we have continued to squeeze in practises of the play.  We have a busy couple of weeks ahead - it is important that the children get plenty of sleep!

Have a lovely sunny weekend all and Thank you again for your wonderful and continued support.

Mrs Carter.

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