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What a fantastic week of experiences for the children!

So, this week has had some incredible experiences for the children that they will hopefully remember for years to come!

On Monday, we started the week with a visit to the oldest Mosque in Europe.  We were greeted by the Imam, a very personable american gentleman called Abu Usamah. He was a fabulous orator and had the children and adults rapt by his discussion.  He really was an example for all of us in his attitude to diversity and acceptance.

Then, thinking that this experience couldn't be beaten, the children were taken to the Anglican Cathedral in Liverpool.  We were shown around by another incredible couple of people who knew exactly how to engage and inspire the children - this really was a most enjoyable trip.

The week then continued with plenty of learning - maths and literacy, science and topic, RE and all of the other things that we do each day at Delamere.  However, the "Wow!" experiences for the children had not quite finished and their faces were a picture on Wednesday when they walked into the hall to find about 15 Rugby USA Rugby Sevens Rugby players towering over and even sitting in amongst them.  They were then treated to watching them train and we were fascinated to find out that they wear GPS tracking systems whilst training so that data can be recorded about how far they've run, what energy they've used etc.

I'm not sure what amazing experiences next week will have in store, but as ever, I look forward to each week with relish.

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Carter

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