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Two trips, parents evening and even room for baking!  What a busy life we lead in Linmere

This week seems to have been even busier than normal!  On Monday and Tuesday, we were getting to grips with Division in Maths.  We learnt about Extended noun phrases in English and in Science we learnt about the function and components of blood.  

On Wednesday, we went to the Zoo!  The children loved learning about the Orangutan and the threat to the Rainforest environment because of Palm Oil.  We have talked a little about the importance of sustainability and they enjoyed listening to a workshop and talk about these beautiful creatures.

On Thursday, we travelled to the NEC in Birmingham to visit a careers fair.  The children were able to have a go at flying RAF planes, learnt the importance of technology in the engineering industry and tried their hand at a number of the vocations on display.  It was an interesting and eye opening visit./

Friday was Children in Need Day and we held a bake sale at the end of the day.  Year 6 made spotty cakes and the children enjoyed decorating them.  It has been a lovely week and I hope that you have enjoyed a restful weekend in preparation for more fun learning next week.

Please enjoy looking at the pictures of all of our activities this week.




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